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Owabong is the biggest water attractions in Central Java. This tour is in Bojongsari village, district Bobotsari, City Purbalingga, Central Java, ± 35 km from Navan. Revenue biggest tourist attraction is owabong Purbalingga region, because the government is always improving facilities and access channels to facilitate visitors to come to Owabong.

FeaturesOwabong have a variety of shapes and sizes of swimming pools, ranging aimed at adults and young children observed. Owabong region is a region that is located in the mountainous area which has stunning views and cool air. The water used to fill the water of the pond is maintained and fresh mountain. The water is so clear and healthy for swimming. Areas with a variety of games in each pool will make guests feel happy and free.
In addition to a swimming pool and water games, in Owabong also contains many rare animals on exhibit at each side of the road. Animals reasonably well maintained and benign, so that visitors can interact with the animals and photos.
Each period there are competitions and performances, the action stage. For each event can be viewed by visitors for free. Several memorial events are usually held the great days held regional bodies or local.
Spacious garden make visitors more comfortable holiday, suitable for recreation with family and to celebrate important events in this activity.
FacilitiesExplore mainstay has various facilities to support the convenience of visitors, such as the mosque, toilets and changing rooms and bathrooms are widely available, lockers goods as a consignment of goods, seating, food stalls, spacious and secure parking. For places like the guesthouse and inn and hotel, close to the city center.
Admission PriceThe admission price per January 2010 to Rp 25,000 per person for holidays, regular days Rp 20,000 per person, including insurance.
CulinaryCulinary tour to Owabong water not far from the other water attractions, but there are products with typical agricultural area Owabong strawberries. Accessories such as bracelets and necklaces souvenirs.

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