Minggu, 23 September 2012

Artikel Compound Sentences

Diposting oleh Nina Kurniasih di 4:15:00 PM

          On Sunday, me and my friends went to the park Jendral H.M. Sarbini. State Parks Jendral H.M Sarbini created to meet community needs for open space in an adequate and complete supporting facilities. There are Hotspot area, Game zone to play for children, etc. There is also a garden as a place of learning rules traffic for children. And also equipped shophouses selling food and drinks.

        We're there, take advantage of hotspot areas to perform tasks, as well as refreshing.
When, I and Nina do task, Nopa and diah went to bought
snacks and drinks..they buy soft drinks and cassava chips. After the task is complete, we walk around the park to take pictures there. Because clock already showing at 6 pm, we decided to go home. I, Nina, and Nopa home on a motorbike, while Diah walk because his house was not far from the park.

Ntu tugasnye temen aye . . .
Moga bermanfaat :D

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