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Complaint Letter

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Kebumen, October 1, 2012

Customer Service
Tirtodipuran Street
Yogyakarta 45121

Dear Sir or Madam

I have ordered 12 packs consist of 12 clothes of new modeled Rara Djonggrang Batik on your Boutique which I ordered by phone on September 27. I received the order on September 30.  When I received those packs of Batik, there was one packs missing. I only got 11 packs of 12 packs that I ordered. To know whether there was one pack missing, you can check the amount of Batik which left your Boutique stock.

To resolve that problem, I would like you to send me one pack of modeled Rara Djonggrang Batik like I ordered before. Or if the pack of modeled Rara Djonggrang Batik which I ordered had been ordered by somebody else, I hope you give me back the money for the amount charge of the Rara Djonggrang Batik pack.

I have been your costumer for long time, and you know it as well. This the first time I get the problem like this relate to your service. If you need to contact me, you can call me at 08123456789


Nayla Swastika

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